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Having been a kitchen and bathroom designer for over 30 years, a passion for the pretty yet practical got me started in the wonderful world of shoe jewellery.


Have you noticed how many shoes and boots are being sold today with some type of fixed embellishment? Being a Taurus I couldn't help wishing I had the option to occasionally detach the wow factor so I could use the one shoe for two different occasions.



The more I looked for the perfect shoe that could be all things for all occasions, I realised there was a gap in the market between cheap, plain or out-dated shoes, and the top end, high fashion and expensive designer shoes.


Starting has given me the opportunity to combine my passions - family, fashion and travel.  I feel great that my business can make women feel happier they are saving money, travelling lighter, without compromising on looking and feeling as best they possibly can!

Our mission is simple; we want to provide a beautiful range of quality shoe clips that will allow you to transform your shoes and feel great by keeping one 'step' ahead of fashion. We want our shoe accessories to be worn with pride, just like I am proud to be working alongside my daughter in bringing this concept to you. Between us we believe we can give  both our young and 'more mature' fashion conscious ladies the ultimate fashion experience by keeping your wardrobe alive in the most cost effective way.

We hope you get as much pleasure from our range as we have in selecting them and may they make your shoes look fantastic for as many seasons as possible!


Dot and Courtenay xox

Shoeclips Shoeclips
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